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The light unto the world  


  This page introduces you to the light, which reveals the true Jesus Christ, gives you clear understanding of the real purpose of Him coming to this earth, by helping you see clearly His message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This web site and its articles also exposes the darkness of sin and how sin is being covered up, minimized, compromised, and made to be taught as nothing with no consequence, no penalty. This page exposes if you are truly free through Jesus Christ, or are you still a   slave to the darkness and deception of this world's Satanic system. 

 Christianity losing ones life to save it


Rapture Escape or tragedy

All Christian Churches expecting Christ to raise them up from this earth, but before it's soon coming great tribulation to escape punishment from their ongoing sins are headed for tragedy and great disappointment - read the above article to get understanding and truth on this teaching.  

America Your Tribulation Is Near

Have you ever examined your Christian life and your spititual foundation to know for sure that your believed to  be faith and salvation is based on the true teachings of the real and true Jesus Christ of Bible Scripture or have you been

Building On A False Christ Foundation

Was Jesus Christ's excruciating death given in vain for your sins?  

Did Jesus Christ die to give His life as the penalty for your sins, so you will not have to obey His 10 commandments and could go on to live your life in your sins? If this is true why did he have to come to the earth and give His life in a terrible, horrible and terrifying death, whereas His flesh was broken and beaten beyond recognition causing unbearable excruciating suffering and pain. This all causing all of His blood to be drained from His perfect body on God's appointed Passover bringing about His death as He was crucified on a cross or pole after his hands and feet were nailed to the cross and then raised up, hanging on nails until He died.  Why would Jesus Christ go through such horrible suffering and death if it would cause you to see no need of change   in your life that you could continue to live in your sins and still receive salvation?
Learn the real reason  Why Jesus Christ Died ?


Will Jesus Christ find 10 righteous people in your city when He returns or is revealed?

The world will know that Jesus Christ is in the time of His return
when He in His hour and day comes to lead His righteous saints to a place of safety and protection. Are you one of His righteous church members that will be taken (received) at that time? Read and Study this revealing article to help you understand to know if you are one of His righteous saints or  are you still a sinning unrigtheous person still following today's false Christianity in all of its deception, but in a unsaved state.

What is righteousness?

Jesus Christ in Mat. 24:24 plainly says "There Shall Arise False Christs"
Can you identify any one of these false Christs worshipped and raised up in today's churches and preached as being the true Jesus Christ of Scripture? If not, are you sure you are not following one of them?
Read this message to find out - "There Shall Arise False Christs"


Is the created Christ of Christmas - the reason for the Christmas season?
Check out this Article and get the real reason for the Season.

The Created Christ




 Are You A Co-Worker of  Satan's Churches  in Perverting  Christ's Gospel?

  Paul said through the Inspiration of the Spirit of Jesus Christ

"If any person or even an angel from heaven preaches another gospel or perverts the true gospel which Jesus Christ and His Apostles preached, let him be accursed ." Gal. 1:6-9
Are you following a perverted gospel or another gospel? Don't be too sure, examine your belief and be sure

Are you following  the   gospel of Jesus that has had another gospel added to it or has had Christ's Words and true teachings taken from it? This doctrine of Christ, the Gospel of Christ is the most important doctrine or teaching in all of the Bible and if you don't understand it and are not obeying it, all other study of the Bible will be in vain.

Read this article to help you know if you have been deceived about what is taught today   as being the true Gospel of Jesus Christ .

It is titled   Perverting The Gospel

Have You Received God's Mercy ?

     Can you go to God's Word and know and prove to yourself that you have received God's Mercy? Has God's merciful   favor of forgiveness of your sins been granted to you? Have you totally repented of all your sins, of breaking all of God's commands whether it is obeying His commandment to remember to keep His 7th day Saturday Sabbath, and are remembering to obey His command to keep all of His 7 annual Sabbaths  including His Passover Service which helps us to understand about Jesus Christ's love and willingness to give His life in death to justify our sins. Jesus Christ died because people have broken all of His commandments, including His Sabbaths . To receive God's Mercy we must have a repentant heart and great desire to obey all of God's 10 commandments to have them written in your heart along with having Jesus Christ live in you through His Holy Spirit.

The article is titled   God's Mercy



Are you a righteous instrument of the Lord Jesus Christ, or an unrighteous foolish instrument?

    Every  person of any religion and even  today's accepted Christianity, who believes he or she can follow his personal way and beliefs contrary to Scripture and still be accepted into God's Kingdom by the Eternal Lord is in for a terrible surprise and  teeth knashing disappointment. Why is this true? It is true because Jesus Christ says there is only one way and one door only that will be open to one desiring to enter into His sheepfold to gain eternal life and He, Jesus Christ, the chief shepherd is that only door into His sheepfold, John 10:1-14. Anyone trying to enter any other way or door   is a thief and robber. Is your pastor or shepherd leading you to the chief shepherd by some other door, if he is, he is foolish shepherd and a thief and robber? Don't be fooled and deceived, he very well could be. Read this article to help you to know if you have entered the only door and have not been deceived, following a foolish shepherd, and you are not a thief and robber.


"Instruments of a Foolish Shepherd"



  Is   liberalism Christian? Is Conservatism Christian? Is  today's believed and accepted Christianity Christian?  

   Is any one of these ideologies of liberalism or conservatism, or the theology of the Christian religion giving the people of this nation and its churches answers to all the problems, curses and evil that is being brought upon this country? Read this article that will give you light and understanding to what constitutes righteous government, righteous judgment, and a righteous Christianity, that would bring about righteous and just laws, righteous and just relationships between the government and its people. When all of this fails what can a person do to protect himself. This article can give you a clear understanding in all of this and it is titled --


 Liberalism, Conservatism, Christianity

Do you believe that by just calling on the name of the Lord you are saved?

Read this article for the surprise of your life?   Calling Upon The Name  

Are you guilty of continuing to sin and are you also guilty of exalting the evil of your sins?  If this is your Christian belief today you are standing guilty before Jesus Christ in darkness and rebellion before Him clothed in filthy rags and without salvation.
Read this message  

Exalting Evil

Who is the created Christ  that is honored during the Christmas Season ? Have you proved that this Christmas honored Christ is not the real Jesus Christ , but really one of the many false Christs that are worshipped in today's confessing Christianity and is really idolatry but is justified in people's own self righteous lives? These articles may help you understand about this false christ and the sins committed in observing Christmas. They are titled -

The Created Christmas Christ

 Christmas Justified Idolatry



 Jesus Christ came to this earth to live and give His life, a life without any sin, to suffer and die for man's penalty of his sins, just so man, who will repent, would not have to die for his own sins, but in no way did Christ's suffering and death mean that man could after accepting Christ's sacrifice continue to live his life in his sins and his iniquities? God inspired Isaiah to write in Isa. 53:5   "He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities"

Are you guilty of exalting the lies of Satan's darkness in today's Christianity? One such lie is that Christians today believe after accepting Jesus Christ's shed blood for your transgressions you will continue to sin and believe there is no power available to help you to stop sinning and so you believe you have Christ permission to continue in your sins? You unknowingly are continuing to be under Satan's influence by being a member of one of his millions of false churches who also believe and teach this lie. 
this message

  The pur pose of Jesus Christ's life and death is given in Acts 3:26,   "Unto you first God, having raise up His Son Jesus, sent Him to bless you, in turning away everyone of you  from his iniquities."

Have you been turned away from your iniquities, your sins, or are you still daily sinning, committing iniquities and are continually turned to sin and your sins by churches exalting sin and all of its evil? If you are, you still stand Guilty before Jesus Christ at His judgment. Click this message    

Jesus Christ says in John 12:35 - "H e that walks in darkness knows not where he goes." This means that any Christian confessing to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, but who walks  NOT in the light of Christ, the light that exposes man's sins and iniquities is living in a state of spiritual darkness, confusion, deception, blindness, and illusion and is by accepting today's false Christian teachings making himself totally unaware of his state of darkness. If you are in this state of darkness You are guilty awaiting your judgment before Jesus Christ. Chick here to see if you are guilty !




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Do you know what it means to call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ? To everybody's disbelief, the overwhelming majority of all of today's Christianity does not know what it means to call on the name of  the lord. Are you surprised? Is this statement true? Read this article and if you by studying your Bible you will come to the same conclusion.
The article is titled   -
  Calling Upon The Name

The most written about judgment time in the Lord's Bible is called the Day of the Lord. What is the signifiance and purpose of this time period? Read this article for the answers -- Its title is   "The Day Of The Lord"

It is not freedom, but slavery that is fast becoming the way of life in America!
Read this to understand if you are free or have  become a slave -

  Freedom or Slavery

Are you guilty of exalting evil and are you aware of the coming judgment for exalting and covering over evil?
Read this to know if you are guilty and what will be the outcome if you are!

The Exalting of Evil

Why God Allows Suffering is not question that is being answered by today's religions and ministers, why not?
Read the Answer here -
Why God Allows Suffering

Which love do you have man's love or God's love? Which love is it that Christ's Word teaches that you must have or you are nothing in God's sight. Here is an article that will provide answers about love and the love that you must have to be in God's Kingdom.
It is titled  -
Man's love or God's love

There Is No Salvation, No everlasting, Eternal Life,   No True Love Without Receiving God's Spirit! This article could change your life forever.
  Receiving God's Holy Spiri t

Who is it that you really do worship, God or Satan ?
 This article can help you know and could change your life.
Is It God Or Satan?

Is Christmas about Jesus Christ and His Work
  or is it about Satan the devil and all of his work?

Read this article , if you are not afraid to do so!  
Christmas: Christ's Work or Satan's Work

Read and Study this in-depth article at the bottom of this paragraph to know if you have a heart   born of the Spirit, or is your heart still   born of the flesh!

   This  is an article that really does connect the dots of God's Word for a person's life, if it is understood and applied. In this article, you will come to understand that this is   the spiritual glue that truly cements the wall, fills the gaps, lays the foundation, frames and finishes  the building of the body of Jesus Christ.  It connects all the dots pertaining to Jesus Christ, His teachings, the teachings of the Apostles, and the Prophets of the old Testament, as it all pertains to the commandments of God, the covenants of God, the death and resurrection of Christ and His Gospel. This message teaches through Scripture how all important is the working power of God's Holy Spirit that every believer's must possess in his heart in order to be saved. This message compacts all these parts together to present the one central purpose, goal, vision that every professing Christian must have and attain, if he or she truly desires eternal life in God's Kingdom. Without having and   attaining this purpose, goal and vision, the wall and building of one's association with Jesus Christ will fall and every professing church believer will perish in its fall. The article is titled

That Born Of Spirit Is Spirit

also  read this article
The Spiritual Heart


Is this the covenant that is being preached in today's Christianity ?
Writing  My Laws In Their Minds

Where is God in all of the sudden Disasters and catastrophes that have been coming upon this earth and taking great loss of life and Property? Read this article to find out. It is titled God And Catastrophes

Is Keeping Christmas Sin

read this article along with these many other articles pertaining to Christmas

   The Sins Of Christmas , The Created Christmas Christ , Christmas And The Forbidden Tree , Christmas Justified Idolatry , The Lying Spirit of Christmas , The Created Christmas Christ ,   The Real Christ In Christmas , Is Santa Claus A Christmas Idol,

Does God command the keeping and observing of Halloween, Christmas, and Easter? Are these Holidays listed in the Bible as His Special Holy days that are commanded to be kept? God lists all of His Holy Days in Lev. 23: 1-44 that are to be observed and kept as His Holy Days and Feasts and with great purpose. Read this article that will help you understand what God commands pertaining to His Holy Days.
" These Are  My Feasts "

Does Jesus Christ teach And Command
  The Keeping Of God's 10 Commandments And Warns All What The Penalty Is For Not Keeping Them? Will Jesus Christ Reject Everyone Desiring Eternal Life Who are rejecting and not obeying His Ten Commandments? Read and Study these Articles
Christ and The Ten Commandments  
Are Christians Under God's Law?

What Happens When  

 God doesn't swiftly punish a person or a nation of person for their sins? This article can give you understanding about sin and its immediate or delayed punishment, it is titled What Happens When We sin

Is God's Grace

  His Unmerited Favor and His Grace To Sin , that permits one to continue in his sins? Is a sinner commanded to have  to change anything in his life before he can receive God's Favor and is he commanded to bear good fruit after he receives God' Grace? For wisdom and understanding in God's Word about salvation study these two articles.

  Is God's Grace Unmerited Favor  and  Grace To Sin

 Is Jesus Christ really your Passion?

 There is no place , no position , no state of being in one's life that is worse than being a sinner and even worse  is  continuing  to  be  sinner. This   is   the   unrighteous   predicament that most of today's confessing Christians find themselves. Is this what Jesus Christ has in mind for all of his believers? This article can help you understand this sinning  and  ungodly predicament - Jesus Christ Our Passover



Can you

 as a confessing Christian, identify in today's professing Christianity the many false prophets,  who are teachers today sitting in  offices of preachers, pastors, evangelists and confessing to know and teach in the name of Jesus Christ? Read this  BY THEIR FRUITS


    Why is it

in today's confessing Christianity that people can be very moved by a special effects movie about Christ's body bruisings , beatings, and blood spilling and death such as Christ's Passion, and yet will not obey His command to remember His death and sufferings yearly at His Passover memorial Service through the partaking of the  symbols representing His broken body, shed blood and death? Christ commands all of His true disciples


, Luke 22:19, I Cor. 11:24-26. Don't miss reading and understanding this article.

There is

no salvation , no eternal life , and no one to be resurrected to eternal life , without having received the gift of God's Holy Spirit. If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His , Rom. 8:9 . Learn how a person receives God's Holy Spirit through this expanded article -   Receiving God's Holy Spirit



  Can your

sins of Christmas Observance keep you out of God's Kingdom and from receiving Eternal Life?

Read this message to understand -   The Sins Of Christmas

  Recognizing God's Watchman

   Where are God's true watchmen in today's Christianity? Where is the watchman that is crying aloud and sparing not and showing the people their sins as God commands of him? What in God's Word qualifies a man to be God's True Watchman? Read this to understand what identifies God's True Watchman


Recognizing and keeping God's true Sabbath

    Man recognizes God's created week in his work, but neglects and forgets His  special , purposeful, holy day of that week that He also created. God created the 7th day of His week to be the day of rest, a special day to help man to come to know his creator and called that day the Sabbath. It is a sin against God to forget to keep His Holy Sabbath Day. Christ gave His life to cover this sin , if there is repentance. Read this article to understand which day was created to be His Sabbath and God's purpose for creating it and the penalty for not keeping this day holy.     God's Sabbath Q & A

What is God's True Saving Grace?

    Today's professing Christians are not living their lives under God's  true saving Grace, but under Satan's false grace! God's Inspired Word writes of the day when ungodly men will turn God's Grace into a grace of lasciviousness, which is the false grace of Satan and His ministers. Are you under God's True Saving Grace or living a sinning life under Satan's created false grace? Read this God's Grace


What is God's Forgiving Mercy?

    In this end time of man's rule, and wars, and God's coming judgment over the earth, Jesus Christ says and warns that His judgment will first come upon the house of God, which is His temple,  His church, or sanctuary. This is speaking of all church people who believe they are Christians.   Have you received His Mercy to know that you have been forgiven? Do you really know for sure? This article will help you know if you have or what you need to do to receive His Mercy.  It is titled -    GOD's MERCY


Is the Rapture truth or a lie?

      Is the RAPTURE teaching truth or a   colossal lie taught and accepted by today's professed Christianity? Will Christians rise up to meet Jesus Christ in the air before the Great Tribulation takes place, or will "professed Christians" experience the tragedy of the fiery trial of judgment coming upon the world as the prophesied Day of the Lord and great tribulation? Read this article for Scriptural answers   ---   Rapture, Escape or Tragedy ? Other articles on this website that will give additional information on this subject are   Pray That Your Flight and  Escaping The Coming Great Tribulation.


You must be righteous to be protected in the days ahead!

    When Jesus Christ returns to the earth with His judgment upon the wicked and unrighteous will He find 10 righteous people in your city among all the wicked? Will you be one of the righteous that He will protect, or do you even know what is righteousness ?

Most professing Christians do not even know   what is righteousness. This article can help you know   -  

What Is Righteousness?

Can you uncover a false worshipped Christ in today's accepted Christianity ?

    Are you as a believer in Jesus Christ able to identify any of the many false Christs that Jesus Christ said would be raised up for worship in today's Christianity? Are you sure you are not following one and that you have not accepted one of them as your savior? This article will help you expose these false images of the true Jesus Christ   - The False Christs Exposed

 Are you refusing the gift of God's Holy Spirit?

         Today's Professed Christianity deny the Power  which comes through God's Holy Spirit even though  they profess that they  know Jesus Christ, profess that they have accepted Him, and profess that they have been born again.   They profess that they have been saved, but at the same time confess that they are still sinners and by their own confession are denying, rejecting, and refusing  the Power of God that could help them overcome  and be free of their sins. Read this article to understand why today's professed Christians are in a unsaved state!  ---   Denying God's Power


 Unbelievable - That "confessing Christians" don't know this truth!

     People who do not understand the truth why Jesus Christ died causes them and their churches to accept a false grace, a false salvation, a false born again conversion, and a false Christianity led by a false Christ. Read and study  this article Why Jesus Christ Died to come out of the darkness of today's accepted false Christianity  and to understand that the greatest  and most meaningful event in history of man is not understood and taught  and accepted in today's Christianity.

    America and all nations of the world are about to head into a terrible time of great affliction and tribulation that God, not this writer, speaks of as a time that there has never been the like, or will ever be after it! Read what God says about this coming great Tribulation in this article--------  Escaping The Coming Great Tribulation



    You can understand WHY the tragic deaths in the WTC towers by the  LIGHT of Jesus Christ through His Word by reading and studying this article pertaining to the words that Jesus Christ gave to His disciples. It is titled ----   "Repent Or Perish"


The articles on this page are to help you  to know, if you are walking  in darkness, or walking by the light of Jesus Christ and His Word.


  Please click the  below titles linked to this Page to read more articles to understand about  true repentance, real faith, and the necessary obedience for  God's protection and receiving salvation in God's Kingdom.

Is the real Christ in Christmas   -----  Who is the Christ that Christmas observers worship and raise up at that season of the year? Is He the Christ of the Bible or another created false christ that is worshipped in today's Christianity? This article help you to know.

Christmas Justified Idolatry   -----  Is Christmas really about idolatry, but because Christ's Name is attached to that day and season, people justify all of the idols and idolatry attached to it that are worshipped and raised up at that season and are borrowed from the past. This article could help open your eyes to its sin and evil.


  Satan's Big Deception Christianizing Christmas   -----  Is Christmas and its season, a  time of the year that has been set aside and made holy by Jesus Christ, or is it a season and day that has been " christianized " by the deception of Satan the Devil? Let the light of Jesus Christ illuminate your life with understanding through this article.

Adding To And Taking Away -----  When anyone  confesses to be of Jesus Christ, but then adds or takes away from His Holy, Inspired Word, this person, whether minister or member, perverts, corrupts and adulterates the understanding and wisdom of Christ's Word! This is a serious sin against God, His Word, His commandments, and His purpose for man, and is a sin, if not repented that will have to be paid with one's life. Are you guilty of this sin? Study this article to gain understanding.

Adulterers And Idolaters ----- This article has been expanded to include the good news for anyone that has been committing  these sins, that they can be forgiven, and the penalty for anyone who will not repent and   continues in such sins.

Counting Pentecost  ----- Are you keeping God's Pentecost  as He has instructed or are you confused and may be keeping a wrong day and thereby will be breaking His Sabbath pertaining to this Feast Holy Day?

The Spiritual Heart -----  The spiritual heart is the heart that every called child of God must come to have and possess to inherit God's Kingdom. Do you have a spiritual heart? This article along with other articles on this page could help you learn and understand about the spiritual heart.

Passover And God's Passingover   ----- God appointed the 14th of the first month to be His Passover and the 15th to be His Passing over. Do you understand the difference between these two commands? Study God's Word along with this article to help you understand the difference between these commanded appointments and Services of God.

"Repent Or Perish" ----- Christ says if you don't repent you will perish? True and genuine repentance is not taught to people. Are you sure that you really understand true repentance  taught from Christ's Word? Read this article to examine your repentance to see if it is genuine or based on a false foundation.

"Pray that Your Flight" ----- Does Jesus Christ promise to protect His true saints from the coming day of Christ's judgment coming on all the earth? This is a time of great tribulation and it is referred to in Scripture  as the Day of the Lord and a time so terrible, Christ says there will never be another time like it. Some saints will be protected by being led out to a place of safety, and others will not be protected, how can one know which ones are? This article can give you the answers.

The Milk And Meat Of God's Word   ------ What is the teaching  about  the milk and meat of God's Word? Is it the teaching of the Gospel? Or is it an entirely different commission given to the church by Christ that is an additional commission or a second commission? Read this article for the answers.

God's Governance In The Church    ----- One of the most troubling, confusing and misleading teachings in all the churches has been and still is the lack of understanding about how the members of the body of Jesus Christ are commanded by Him to be ruled and governed as a church! How are you governed? Is it through a church hierarchy or is it by Christ through His Spirit? The answer to how Christ taught it should be is here in this article.  

Restoring The Faith Once Delivered  -----(Part 2) -----Is the faith that is believed, confessed, and has been delivered to the members of the Churches of God by its ministry, the same faith that was once delivered to the early, New Covenant Church by Jesus Christ and the Apostles? This article exposes the last 9 of the Churches of God accepted to be restored truths.

Restoring The Faith   ----   (Part 1) -----This is part 1 of this 2 part article on Restoring The Faith that exposes the 18 restored truths preached  and accepted by many of the Churches of God, and is an article that will help members to examine their faith and understanding and to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the early saints.  

"Working Out Your  Salvation "   ----- Members of Christ's Church are commanded in Scripture to "work out your own Salvation with Fear and trembling?" Do you understand what this Scripture means in your Christian life? How important is  this command? This article message  is important  and can help you work out your salvation in your spiritual growth.

Offences And Forgiveness     ----- A church member is said to be unforgiving, unloving, without mercy, and is carrying a grudge, who does not forgive another church member that has committed an offence against him, even though the offender did not repent of his offence, or sin. Do you know and understand about offenses and forgiveness, this article can help you understand.

"When God Works Things Out!"     -----  This statement has been made many times by church members. Are you waiting for God to work all the sins of division, splits, injustices, offenses, leadership abuses, and confusion, out in the church? Could it possibly be that God is waiting for you to work all these things out? Read this to see who is responsible?

  "Writing My Laws In Their Minds" -----This covenant of God, which is the writing of His laws in His people's hearts, and putting them in their minds, is the supreme and highest, crowning work of God the Father and Jesus Christ. Read this article to see if this covenant is being fulfilled and completed in your life.

Are Church  Services Above Doctrine ?  ----- Some church pastors are now teaching, that church services are more important than the teaching of doctrine? This is hard to believe some would teach this heresy! However, this is fulfilling the prophecy in II Tim. 4:3 - "for the time will come when they will not endure SOUND DOCTRINE---."

"Turning Many To Righteousness"    -----" And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever, Daniel 12:3. Has there been many turned to righteousness in the churches of God? Where are they?

Is Righteousness Legalism?   ----- Why are some of the pastors, evangelists, and members of the Churches of God labeling the righteous members of the body of Jesus Christ as legalists, and those saints' righteousness as legalism? Read this article for the answer.

What Is Righteousness?   -----   Jesus Christ says - "blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." Are you filled with righteousness? Do  you even know what is righteousness? Read this article to help you to know how to  be filled with righteousness. 

Does God Command Tithing?   ----- Does God command a tithe to be set aside for His Spiritual Work? If he did, was His commanded tithe 10% or 30 % ? Who is to receive that tithe today?

Instruments of A "Foolish Shepherd"    ----- Why is this Scripture, that deals with church leadership, never mentioned or preached in messages to the Churches of God? This is an article that goes into detail about the instruments of the foolish shepherd, that God speaks about in Zech. 11:15-17 and the instruments that this foolish shepherd uses to build his work, and exalt his ministry, and to pad his nest.

The "In The Truth" Sacred Cow     -----This is a message to the Churches of God and to all churches of Jesus Christ that illuminates the darkness of their "In The Truth" sacred cow idol by exposing the lies, the heresies, and sins of its teachings that make up the worship of their shepherd, his instruments, and the church created "IN THE TRUTH" idol.

" These Are My Feasts "     ----- Whose Feasts are you keeping and observing, God's Feasts or man's feasts? Do you really know and how can you know? This article message will help you determine which feast you are keeping.    

"WITHOUT SPOT OR BLEMISH"     ----- JESUS CHRIST desires to finish His spiritual work in you. Are you working with Him or against Him? Christ commands all of His disciples "to be you perfect," meaning to be without spot or blemish. Will Christ accept you, if you still have spots and blemishes? Study this article for understanding.

"WHEN YOU ARE CONVERTED"   -----How would you react to this statement if Jesus Christ made this statement to you today? Are you sure you are converted? Peter was not converted when this statement  was made to him.

STRENGTHEN THE BRETHREN      -----   Do you know what it means to strengthen the brethren? Have you been strengthened from God's Word or weakened with man's word?

Spiritual Conversion or Spiritual Perversion ?   ----- Have you ever even once questioned your "spiritual conversion, to determine if it is really of Christ, or of man? Is your growth from good seed or as a tare?

  Which Passover Are You Keeping?   ----- Are you keeping a 14th or 15th Passover? Some cannot explain why they keep the 14th Passover, can you? More articles on the Passover in the list below, and also an article on The Feast of Unleavened Bread.

This Is A Test     ---- Do you know your ABC's  of Christ's Gospel and His work? Is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that is preached today by evangelists, the  same Gospel that Jesus Christ, Paul and all the Apostles preached and taught? Do you really know for sure? Take this test given in this article so you can know for sure.

Is God's Grace Unmerited Favor?   ----- If someone asked you to explain about the Grace of Christ, could you give an answer from God's Word, or would you answer with the widely taught and accepted meaning of grace, that  it is God's unmerited, or undeserved favor? How does one grow in God's undeserved favor? 

The Grace That Saves   ---- What is the Grace that Saves? Is it God's gift of salvation, without His mercy? Is it God's mercy without a Godly repentance of a complete change of heart? What is God's Grace that saves a sinner, and have you been saved by that Grace?

Grace to Sin ----- Is  what church  ministers and members believe and accept as grace, really permission for them to continue to sin, for them  to tolerate and compromise with sin? Some actually believe because   they follow this "grace to sin," that they are above the law, and go about teaching that a believer is both a saint and  a sinner. Is this  the truth about God's Grace?

A Cry Was Made   -----   At midnight there was a cry made, "Behold the bridegroom cometh, go you out to meet him," Mat. 25:6. What will be that cry?  Who will make that cry, that will alert the 10 virgins? When Christ does come, why will the door be shut to the foolish virgins, from going in with Jesus Christ to the marriage?

  Is Keeping Sunday Conversion?    ----   Is keeping Sunday the fruit of conversion, and do any Sunday keepers have the Spirit of God in them? Will Sunday keepers, that keep Sunday as God's Sabbath, be in the 1st resurrection to receive eternal life?  

IS CHRIST DIVIDED?    -----Are church divisions of the light or darkness? Is Christ divided into divisions---called splits, splinters, and spin-offs, all representing Him, and where is the true body of Jesus Christ? Read this for understanding.

BECOMING  AS A LITTLE CHILD    -----  Can a person enter God's Kingdom without becoming humble and meek before God? Read what Jesus Christ said about this statement and question in this article.

PROFANING  GOD'S  SABBATH   -----Is working, or asking someone to work for you on God's Sabbath, profaning God's Sabbath, and a sin that can keep one out of the Kingdom of God?

Light unto the world  ----- Light unto the world This article introduces you to the light of the world and Christ's Gospel, as it was meant to be preached. Do you really know what is the Gospel, and can  you give that message to an interested person? The world is in serious need of this message, but not the messages that are being preached  today as the Gospel.

THIS DO IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME -----This is a direct command of Jesus Christ to His church, to remember His death at the Passover, with serious judgment if they remember His death, without its spiritual understanding.

PASSOVER: JUDGMENT, MERCY & FAITH -----Christ's teachings of judgment, mercy and faith are brought to light and understanding through Him at His Passover season. Without this understanding  as major matters of His law,  and the receiving of these three gifts, there is no new life in Christ --no eternal life.

PASSOVER, THE LORD'S SUPPER AND EASTER  ----- Have all of these days and services been commanded by Jesus Christ, if not, which one is commanded to be observed?

WHY THE FEAST OF UNLEAVENED BREAD?    -----  This is a Q & A article about this Feast .

GOD'S MIRACLE WORKING SPIRIT   -----The greatest of all God's miracles is God's development of a Son for His Kingdom, through the working power of His Spirit. Do you have that working Spirit in you? There is no eternal life with God and life in His Kingdom without it!  Read how you can receive it.

THE MYSTERY OF THE GOSPEL   -----   Jesus Christ said and commanded His servants to go to all the world and preach the Gospel. Has that Gospel been preached, or is it still a mystery to all churches? The world has not heard the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, have you?   Has the true Gospel been restored, and now being preached?  

FROM SINNER TO SAINT ----- Which one are you--a sinner or saint?   Do you really know the difference? Christ said unless people (sinners) repent, they shall all likewise perish, even the so-called good people, because all have sinned. If the good out weighs the bad, or sin  of one's life, will this forgive his sins,  and gain him life in God's Kingdom?        

PERVERTING THE GOSPEL     ----- Have all the churches of God and of Jesus Christ been preaching a perverted and misfocused Gospel? Would you know the true gospel if you saw or heard it preached, and how would you know?        

THE BORN AGAIN MYSTERY    -----   This teaching of Jesus Christ is still an unsolved mystery of the churches of God and Jesus Christ. Professed believers have not been born again, because they have been  listening to a gospel of the flesh. Read this to understand the mystery ABOUT THE NEW BIRTH.  

IS KEEPING CHRISTMAS SIN ?   ----- Does Christmas set an example of truth, honesty, integrity and Godly purpose to one's family, and to the world, or does Christmas set an example of lies, falseness, false worship and hypocrisy? Christmas is a day and season of sin that God hates, because God hates sin, and if Christ lives in you, you also will hate Christmas, and all it really represents.

CHRISTMAS AND THE FORBIDDEN TREE    -----   Is Christmas Christian, and of Christ, or is it the fruit of the forbidden tree? Have you been deceived about Christmas, believing it to be of God and Jesus Christ?

THE CREATED CHRIST OF CHRISTMAS    ----- Is Jesus Christ the reason for the season of Christmas? Who is this christ that church people confess to be the reason why they keep Christmas? Read this for understanding about the false christ people worship at Christmas.                                                                      

THE LYING SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS     ----- When people refer to getting in the spirit of Christmas, what spirit are they really referring to in their Christmas participation and observance? This article will help you test and prove what is the Christmas spirit.

IS SANTA CLAUS A CHRISTMAS IDOL?   ----- Church people say they  don't keep Christmas because of the idolatry of its past, but keep  it today, because of Christ's birth. But what about the Santa Claus idol that they carry around and cause to be set up in the minds of all the children, and teach their children to look to this idol, for good things, and good gifts at the Christmas season?

ARE CHRISTIANS UNDER GOD'S LAW?    ----- Is there a missing gap in Christianity's teaching about the law of God, and what did Christ mean when He said, "He came to fulfill the law?

THE GREAT SUNDAY HERESY    -----  Has today's Christianity been following and believing a heresy regarding God's Sabbath? Is keeping Sunday as God's Sabbath, a heresy and a sin? Will believing and following this heresy prevent you from receiving salvation, and entering God's Kingdom? Read this article for truth.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE SIN ? ----- People in Noah and Lot's day didn't believe any judgment from God would come upon them for their sins. People today also believe there is no judgment for sin, and nothing will happen to them for their sins. Past examples and judgments seem to mean nothing to people. Fear and believe God's coming judgment for sin!

RECEIVING GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT -----There is no salvation, no eternal life, and no one to be resurrected to eternal life, without having receiving the gift of God's Holy Spirit. Read this article to understand how one receives God's Holy Spirit.

RAPTURE, ESCAPE OR TRAGEDY? ----- Is the "Rapture teaching" the truth or a lie? Will Christians rise up to meet Christ in the air before The Great Tribulation takes place,  or will  "professed Christians" experience the tragedy of the Day of Lord, and  the Great Tribulation? Click the article title to get the truth.

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