Adulterers And Idolaters

Are you an adulterer or idolater or both? Do you really know for sure?

    What is it in one's life that constitutes the sins of adultery and idolatry, and will God judge these sinners and these sins in His coming Judgment?

     First, lets look at the good news about these sexual sins of commandment transgressions and that is a person can be forgiven of these sins now, before the coming judgment upon a person's life. The sins of adultery, broken marriages, multiple divorces, remarriages, fornication and idolatry of putting oneself first with his or her unlawful sexual lust above God and His commandments pertaining to a person, not one's mate, are all sins that can all be forgiven now. A person can be forgiven of all of these sins, if they will fully and whole heartily repent of all of their transgressions of God's 10 commandments. Jesus Christ will not forgive these past sins of adultery and fornication if you are now still breaking any of the other of His 10 commandments. If a person has come to this repentant state of his or her life and will stand firm to his or her commitment and calls upon Jesus Christ to forgive him or her, and who will accept Christ and His sacrifice to blot out those past sins, Christ will forgive you and give you the gifts of His Holy Spirit and eternal life as He has promised.

   What tremendous blessings and rewarding gifts for committing oneself to that great change in one's life. Once you have come to this knowledge of the truth about sin, true understanding about Christ's sacrifice, and salvation, then you are expected to totally repent and begin obeying Christ's 10 commandments, and with the help of God's Holy Spirit, which you have been given, then in faith believe that you absolutely can keep all of God's 10 commandments, not only in the letter, but the Spirit of His law as well. If presently married, this marriage then becomes a binding covenant  in your life, and you can no longer ever consider divorcing your mate, because after you have come into this knowledge of truth about sin, divorce would be a willful sin, meaning you no longer have access to Jesus Christ and His sin forgiving sacrifice. Study Heb. 10:26 for this understanding.

   This willful sin would cause  one  to  loose  their salvation, unless  fornication, the only Christ given reason for divorce, is involved in his or her mate's part as Christ clearly states in Mat. 19:7-11. This is the reason Christ's disciples, before they were converted, said in verse 10 "if this is the case to be so with his wife, it would be good not to be married." However Christ said in verse 11 "All men cannot receive this saying except they to whom it is given," (meaning for those that truly desire to be converted  to Christ's way of life for their salvation and to have a happy and successful marriage where Christ is the center of that marriage).

    Now back to the bad news for all sinners, who  are living today and have not repented of all their sins including adultery, broken marriages, remarriages, and idolatry, there still awaits a coming judgment on your lives and all of your sins.

  In Hebrews 13:4, God tells us that "whoremongers (fornicators) and adulterers, (who are also idolaters) God will judge." Paul, writing from the very heart and mind of God in I Corinthians 6:9, says that "the unrighteous shall not  inherit the Kingdom of God." Paul proceeds to identify members who are unrighteous. He says don't be deceived, the unrighteous are the fornicators, the idolaters, the adulterers, the effeminate (the catamite, (one who engages in sex with small boys) the abusers of themselves with mankind (a homosexual sodomite) the thieves (stealing from the brethren or anyone) the covetous (unlawful lusts of the flesh), drunkards, revilers (church government leaders playing god abusing the brethren) and extortioners (gaining money and tithes by fraud and deception for ungodly use teaching lies). Paul says none of these unrighteous shall inherit the Kingdom of God! How can God make it any plainer, that these sinners and all such sinners shall not inherit the Kingdom of God unless they repent of all such sins?

   God here in these verses I Cor. 6, is making members aware that the sins of adultery and idolatry head the list of some of the most wicked of sins. Yet today, church people, who call themselves members and followers of Jesus Christ, cannot explain, and do not understand what is adultery, and what is idolatry. The ministry has failed in giving understanding about these wicked sins, and by this lack of crying aloud, is also helping the brethren to cover over these sins as if  they don't exist in the lives and behavior of church members, or if they do exist, they by their silence are saying, that Christ will not judge these sins! There are church members  and ministers attending services each week who are living in adulterous marriages, who are committing the sins of adultery and idolatry, but see no need to repent, because of the compromising false christ they worship!

    Every adulterous act or sin of a member living his or her life in an adulterous union, first began with idolatry, by putting their desires before God's commandments. Members, it seems, do not want to study Christ's teaching, and believe what He tells and instructs them about adultery and idolatry. Members who are committing these sins desire a minister that will  tell them soft things, that their church idolatry and adulterous marriages are all okay and are not sins. This wicked ministry continually stresses that Christ is all compassionate, and filled with all  mercy, who will not judge and who will look over these sins. They are teaching more and more that if they (members) will just believe in Christ, which in reality is a false christ, then their on-going sins will not be judged in Christ's endtime judgment. Ministers and teachers of the churches are teaching Jesus Christ lived the perfect life, so if church members will just accept in faith His perfect life of righteousness, then they will  be forgiven and they don't have to confess those sins, repent of those sins, or overcome those sins, and can continue to live their lives in their sins, without a heartrending repentance to change their lives. Repentance and true conversion is all about, changing from the putting the flesh first to putting the Spirit first and a life free of sin.

     This wicked and perverted teaching  that adultery is permissible, is straight from Satan the devil, and will reap death, the wages of sin,  unless there is a total change and repentance in a person's life. This teaching is the same teaching that Satan seduced the first woman, Eve, into accepting, by telling her that she and Adam could live their life by their own standards, laws, and still would not die. Satan told the first family then, and as he continues to tell church people today, that the wages, or fruit, of sin is not really death, but eternal life, Genesis 3:1-6. Today, church people are believing more and more the Satanic lie that they can continue in sin and still be saved from their sins. This is nothing less than a bold-face lie and will be punished severely!

    God warns all church ministers  in Malachi 3:5, about their everyday, on-going sins that they are permitting themselves to  continue to commit, and cause church members to accept such sins as righteousness. God says in this verse-- "And I will come near to you to judgment and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers (idolatry teaching ministers with their words of magic like it is medication that will restore, who seduce church people into looking to another God (idolatry) of drugs to heal and restore them by leading them to look over  and not worry about their sins." (They use their words like magic to cover over sins, like doctors of drugs do in medicine, to mask over disease, to not understand the cause of disease, which is the fruit of one's sins.) God continues to say, "He will be a judge and swift witness against the adulterers," (an adulterer is a covenant breaker) who commits adultery  against God and  his mate.

     Every adulterer first commits adultery against God (by breaking covenant with Him) before committing adultery against his or her mate. The Lord God continues to say He will be a swift witness and judge against false swearers (church people professing to be   worshippers of God and  covenant keepers, but are not), and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages (demanding of the people a burdensome, heavy, tithing system, to be given to them and their created ministry, and with their own, created, ministerial headquarters, and who oppress the widow and fatherless and the strangers with such like commands and burdens that is put upon them. Christ says He will be a swift witness against all such sinners and their transgressions of His commandments. Instead of oppression and committing sins against such members, God commands loving care, Godly guidance and leadership as a loving shepherd, who is really concerned for these members in need, who will lay down his life for God's sheep, not demanding of the members to work and slave for them the ministry, and continually preach that give (as in giving money) is the bottom line of Christ's teaching.

     God here in Malachi 3:5, warns and makes all people aware that the sin of adultery and its coverup, has the same consequence and will receive the same punishment that all other wicked sins shall receive in the judgment. God says in Malachi 2:16, "that He hates putting away (divorce): for one covers violence with his garment (religions clothing of lies, confessing to be what one is not) says the Lord of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that you deal not treacherously," (deceiving  and hating one's mate). God goes on to say in verse 17, "You have wearied the Lord (exhausted His mercy) by saying, "Everyone that does evil (divorce that commits idolatry and adultery) is good (saying such sinning church members are in good standing) in the sight of the Lord, and He (God) delights in them, or where is the God of judgment." (Because He does not punish such evil yet and quickly, by striking them down with lightning or some other swift punishment, that God approves such adulterous unions. This is deception regarding God's judgment and leading one for a big fall!

    Whenever a person divorces their mate without the only  godly exception, or cause, God says that mate is committing violence against their spouse. Christ says that the violence of hatred against another person, without a godly cause, is the same as murder, and  that person is in danger of the judgment of death. A church person who divorces their mate, breaks outright three of God's Ten Commandments. The 1st, the 6th, and the 7th, and in reality, breaks all of God's commandments. This is the reason God says divorce, without a godly cause, is evil and is wickedness.

     Paul says in Galations 5:19, that adultery, along with many other such sins of wickedness, are the works of the flesh and any church member confessing to be of Christ, and commits such sins, shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Somehow church members don't believe this as being the Word of God, judging by their Christian behavior and conduct.

      Do church members really know the laws of God? Judging by their fruit they don't, or else they are living a rebellious life in Christian clothing. Romans 7:1 says,  "That the law has dominion over a man (or woman) as long as he (or she) lives." V. 3 continues to say, "So then if while her husband (or wife) lives, she (or he) be married to another man (or wife )she (or he) shall be called an adulteress (or  an adulterer), but if her husband (or wife) be dead, she is free from that law, so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man."

What is Adultery?

    What does Christ plainly say is adultery? Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:9 says, "And I say unto you, whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another commits adultery: and whoso marries her which is put away does commit adultery." Christ says in Mark 10:9, "What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder," (separate and breaking the marriage covenant by divorce). Christ's disciples said unto Him, Mat. 19:10, "If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry." What did Christ say to His disciples about their statement? Christ said, "All men cannot receive this saying except they to whom it is given." Christ tells them in verse 12, "Unless you are converted to a heart that is seeking first God's Kingdom, then they as people are today, cannot know what it means by  the statement "it is not good to marry."

   Jesus Christ, our Creator and Lawgiver, says that the only reason that a person can divorce one's mate is because of fornication (unlawful sexual acts as a way of life). All of the other reasons that church members use to put away (divorce) their mates and marry another commits adultery, and causes his or her mate to commit adultery. This is because the divorced mate comes to believe by deception, that she or he is now free to marry again. Many follow a corrupted, church teaching that interprets Paul's teaching in I Corinthians 7: 15-16, to mean that here Paul is giving any reason or excuse to divorce and marry again, especially if they determine they have unbelieving mates, and he or she desires a divorce. This is not the teaching of Paul in these verses. Paul is teaching "that if an unbelieving mate departs (this Greek word for depart is Strong's (5562) chareo and it means to give space, room, separate and does not mean to divorce to break covenant) that a brother or sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God has called us to peace." Many church brethren today live with unconverted mates. If they can live in peace that's good, but if they can't, Paul is saying separation is the next best thing, and by this the marriage mate might be saved.

     These mates who appear as if they are converted, but who in actual fact are not, in some cases  try to undermine much in the way of spiritual growth that their converted mate is trying to accomplish in his or her life, to become a new person in Jesus Christ. This hostility, resistance and undermining that an unconverted mate may bring against his converted mate causes strife, argument and is in many cases, aborting the growth of God's Spirit in the believing mate. Paul is saying in verse 15, that if this is the situation, and a true believer is standing firm in Christ and is being led by Christ's Spirit, then if the unbelieving mate wants to depart (separate) Paul says, "let him or her separate, not divorce, but separate-depart (give space between them) then let him or her depart.  A brother or sister is not under bondage in such cases." This bondage Strong's (1402) means living in the marriage union to be enslaved to sin, hostility, to a strifeful and stressing relationship with one's mate. Paul is saying, if he or she wants to depart, to have space, to separate, then let him or her depart, because by this action, the converted mate can begin to have peace, because God has called all of His chosen ones to peace, not strife, argument and fighting, and this action could even bring about conversion in the unbelieving mate.

     The word "bondage" does not mean divorce, to break the marriage covenant, but to separate for a time, to give space between each other and hopefully,  this separation could help bring about a change and even conversion on the unbelieving mate's part. Verse 16 makes this fact of understanding to be the true understanding of verse 15, by saying, " For what do you know O wife, whether you shall save your husband? or how do you know O man, whether you shall save your wife." This family situation of one mate departing is a kind of self causing disfellowship within the marriage, which departing or separation could help bring back a good relationship in the marriage for the better, even causing the saving of one's  unbelieving mate. However, church leaders and ministers have been using a perverted interpretation of this teaching of Paul and causing men and women to commit the sin of adultery by divorcing one another without considering or submitting to the only, Christ given, exception  for divorce between two living mates, and that exception was fornication.

     The original Greek word for the translated English word "fornication" is porneia, and it means much more than our English word fornication. The Greek word porneia means all, or any unlawful sexual acts, whether with man or beast, where such acts of sins become an obsession and the worshipping of the flesh, all of which is idolatry. This is where these acts of lust, covetousness, and uncleanness for unlawful sexual activity demands all or most of the time and interest of a married mate  or single person for another person, where it becomes idolatry, and by this, fulfills the meaning of the word of being a fornicator. This sin of the flesh is extremely difficult to overcome. This wickedness and sin along with the venereal diseases and uncleanness that is associated with this lifestyle,  makes it without question, the reason God, as part of His law, gave this exception as the only reason for divorce. The hostile mind does not want to submit to God and His law, and makes every excuse he can to try to get around God's commandment of this only exception  Christ gives for divorcing one's mate!

     Understanding What is Idolatry   

      There are created  and worshipped idols that can destroy any marriage, or families. Many do not understand what is idolatry. This sin is the transgression of the 1st commandment which says that "You shall have no other gods before me." The sin of idolatry is committed before any person breaks any other of God's ten commandments. The worship of the flesh and putting the demands, lusts and the interest of another person, a man, a woman, or any thing first and above the demands and commandments of God, and the leading of God's Spirit in one's life, constitutes idolatry. This sin is what begins and leads to the sin of adultery. This is when a married man or woman begins to put another person sexually, above God's commandments, and above one's own covenant of being married to their present mate. When this sin and its leavening affect is not understood, stopped and corrected, it becomes a way of life of following and worshipping the flesh sexually. This is what God calls fornication, the sin of an adulterer, and one who is first an idolater. God says  to any such members who live by these sinning ways,  and  who compromise God's law, and senses no shame  or guilt for these sins, that they are living a Jezebel lifestyle, that will lead its transgressors all to be cast into the great tribulation, Revelation 2:20-22. Can this sin of desiring another person  in an adulterous marriage above God and His commandment keep one out of God's Kingdom? It can without any question! 

     Another way of example that a married couple can become an idolater is through the worship of their children. This is where the children demand all  of  their parents attention, and the parents  give all time and thought to them.  All of this time and energy directed to one's child, is where the child situation is put before the time for study, prayer and interest and thought that should be given to God, their Creator. Mat. 10:37 says, "he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." These parent-child idolaters look upon all their time given to their children as showing love to them. These parents have never learned the difference between child idolatry, and what is real love to God and to their children.  And if any man, God's appointed head of the family, should begin to display and exact godly leadership in this area of his family he is quickly corrected by the wife and children as is continually portrayed and seen in our society. This has all been prophesied by Isaiah, in Isaiah 3:12, and being fulfilled today. This verse says, "As for my people children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people they which lead you, cause you to err, (follow error), and destroy the way of thy paths." In Galations 5:9, Paul says, "That all people committing adultery, fornication, idolatry and all such sins shall not inherit God's Kingdom."  One's children can keep one out of God's Kingdom!

     Another example of family idolatry that goes on undetected in the home is animal, or pet worship,  which there are nearly 140 million pets among Americans. Animals such as dogs and cats are treated with such exaltation and are looked upon as members of the family, and in many cases having a much higher status of being accepted, honored, respected, fed, protected and exalted than any member of the family. These family pets demand and get the full, undivided, unobstructed attention of the family, and in some cases fed expensive foods. These pets demand much attention, time and money of family owners to take care of them, and where they sit, lay down, or sleep gets top priority over the family. These pets have the run of the house and nothing is said about them coming into the house with dirty, muddy feet, or even their pet deposits on the floor. When this happens, the wife of the family quickly drops down submissively on her knees without a word of rejection against the pet, or resistance, and quickly cleans up the terrible mess. If any husband, the God appointed head of the family, tries to make right the pet idolatrous situation, he is severely scolded, corrected, put down, accused of being cruel to these pet idols, and even accused of being jealous because he is not receiving  as least the same respect as the cat or dog is receiving.

    The husband, who is the God appointed head of the family, and who should be respected and honored, is put down, belittled, made to appear as stupid, ignorant, and suggested to be unqualified to be the head and lead the family. This all is following the example that society has created against man's leadership, with all of its man-bashing scenes it displays on TV, books, magazines, cartoons, and  in movies, and in many real, life family situations. This is all the work of Satan and his world. This pet idolatry has and can cause great problems in the marriage. These are idols that can bring curses on families and the marriage covenants  that married couples have made before their God and believe it or not these worshipped pets can keep one out of God's kingdom.

     There are  many more idols that families have  such as the idols of money, possessions, prestige, office, houses and lands that will all bring the curse of death if not recognized and corrected. Church people, ministers and members, do not and are not recognizing the sin of idolatry because their flesh and its desires are winning out over God's Spirit! This sin is  being accepted without any shame as wickedness and unrighteousness, but will bring death. Members of churches committing such sins and all such sins will not be accepted in God's Holy Kingdom.

    Are you as a person who is desiring eternal life in God's Kingdom,  and who is able to understand and recognize adulterers and idolaters, that God says He will be a swift witness against in His judgment, Mal. 3:5? God further says in Revelation 22:15, "That dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers (adulterers) and murderers, and idolaters and he who loves to live a lie will not enter His Holy City." Are you living a lie in your life? Will you let a man, or woman, or your child, or your pet, your money, property, position, or any such thing, as it was with a rich man in Mat. 19:22-23, stand in your way and  keep you out of God's Kingdom, because you are putting these things first before the worship of your God of putting Him and His righteousness first ?

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