Passover, The Lord's Supper and Easter

   What is the difference between these three events as services of religious observance? Are they all commanded to be observed by Christ and His Word? Is it important  and commanded  by Christ for Christians to observe any of these observances?

     Christ, as the Lord of the Old Testament, first commanded the keeping of His Passover in Exodus 12:11-13. Each family of the nation of Israel was to take a lamb on the 14th Day of the First Month and kill it in the afternoon (evening), and this Lamb  and its shed blood represented the Lamb (Christ) to come. After killing the lamb, and before they ate the roasted lamb that night, the beginning of the 15th, they took the blood and put it on their doorposts, to cause the plague of the Lord to "pass over" their home, verses 13 and 23. This was the first Passover and it was to be kept yearly as a commanded memorial, along with the following Seven Days of Unleavened Bread, which represented Israel's coming out of Egypt (sin and the society of sin, breaking God's law). It was a Feast to be kept forever, Exodus 12:14-15, 24, 25.

       After the Lamb of God (Christ) came, He then gave His life as the One Sacrifice, that caused all animal sacrifices to cease. Christ gave His life to be sacrificed precisely at the same time the Israelites sacrificed the lamb on the Passover afternoon. However, Christ, on the very beginning of that Passover Day, sat down with His disciples, and after a meal, instituted for the Passover service the bread and wine symbols of His broken, beaten body and shed blood, that was to be given for the sins of all repentant, mankind, that accepts and understands this Great Sacrifice. His sacrifice and bruising began to take place shortly after He instituted the Passover meal the same night. This actually was God, a second member of the God-Family, giving His life in sacrifice to provide a way, the only way, the good news to mankind of how man can be saved from his sins of death, John 1:1, 14, 29.

        Any person, and it makes no difference how evil, corrupt, unclean and guilt-ridden a person has become, can be forgiven and made white, clean, pure and holy before God, by accepting Christ's Sacrifice, and repenting of his sins which is the breaking His laws, His Ten Commandments. Many, many, religious people do not understand this very simple, basic, fact of the Bible, and are still deceived about the Passover, and Christ's Sacrifice, and are to this day still rejecting Christ and His Passover. Christ commands all desiring life to accept His Passover sacrifice and death ,and  every year to remember His death until He comes back by observing and partaking of His Passover Service

        Christ instituted the bread and wine symbols on the beginning of the Passover Day (14th day of God's calendar) at night (days begin at sunset), and Paul referred to this service in I Corinthians 11:20, as the Lord's Supper. It was called this only once in His Word and this Passover service of Jesus Christ's was called this here, I Cor. 11:20, only to identify, to set Christ's Passover service of eating and drinking of the symbols represented as Christ's body, apart from any other meal eaten during that Passover week. This is the only place it is referred to as the Lord's supper in the Bible, and Paul did so to identify the difference between their meal or suppers, and the Passover service of Christ, that He kept with His disciples. Christ Himself, referred to this service as the Passover at least a dozen places in the Four Gospels, Matthew 26:17-18. With any study of the Bible at all of this service, one would have to conclude that the Passover service which Paul identified  as the Lord's supper, was the same service.

    Paul was in no way renaming the Passover of God to be called the Lord's Supper. This, Christ's Passover Service, was partaken of at the beginning of the Passover Day. This Service took place in the evening with different symbols, and was very different than killing a animal lamb in the earlier Passover service before Christ's death, when each family killed a Passover lamb in the afternoon of the Passover Day, and offered it to God as their personal sacrifice and offering. Afterwards, they then roasted and ate the lamb in the night, at the beginning of First Day of Seven Days of eating Unleavened Bread. People have been confused about which Passover Service should  they be keeping and when they should be keeping it. Read our article "Which Passover Should We Keep?"

     Christ commands in John 6:53-54,  "Except a person eats the flesh (bread) of Christ, and drinks His blood (wine), he has no eternal life." Christ kept the Passover with His disciples, and commands the Passover to continued to be kept, as Paul  points out in I Corinthians 11:23-26. As often as one keeps this service, means it should be kept, and by the Passover service being commanded to be kept every year, Luke 2:41, 42, and Exodus 12:14, tells us how often we are to partake of these symbols, to "show the Lord's death till He come," I Cor.11:26. Death memorials are remembered and observed yearly, not weekly or monthly. Anyone partaking of these symbols (bread and wine) at any other time than the time that Christ set as the time, is partaking of this ordinance in an improper, unworthy manner, making a mockery of Christ's Sacrifice, and  are not understanding the meaning of His sacrifice and His command as to when we are to observe it. Read our article on Why Jesus Christ Died.

   Christ's commanded, fixed, Passover is the 14th Day of the 1st month, Nisan, read it in Ex. 12:1-6, and later  in Christ's coming in the flesh representing much, much, more as the Lamb of God than the earlier lamb could ever represent, set the beginning of the 14th as to when that  Passover service was to be observed because He, as the Lamb  of the God sent by God the Father, was to be sacrificed all of the night of the 14th, and much of  the day until His complete death at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Anyone who partakes of these symbols, not  understanding this, not having examined his life  in relation to why Jesus Christ gave His life,  why His blood was shed and His body broken all because of man's transgression of breaking God's Ten Commandments and is not repentant of his sins and is not determined to be obedient to Christ, will be finding himself in the judgment of verse 30 of I Cor 11. Christ says in Verse 30, "For this cause, many are weak, sickly, and some will die an early death." Why, "because they were not discerning the Lord's body."

       In other words, professed church believers  can not receive Christ's protection, forgiveness, and healing  and His Grace who are in rebellion to Him, who are refusing to keep what He commands in all of His Ten commandments. Anyone, who professes  to be a Christian,  does not have eternal life, John 6:53, Hebrews 10:26-31, who does not keep Christ's Passover at His set time, meaning not on the 15th in memory  of Israel's  eating of the roasted lamb of the past, but the Lamb of God that the Father sent for the true and only sacrifice,  whose blood was shed and body broken on the 14th. This and only this is the true sacrifice that can justify one's sins and heal one of sicknesses.

        Is Easter commanded by God, to be observed as a religious service? Nowhere in the Bible is Easter commanded to be observed, nor is Christ's resurrection day commanded to be observed as a holy service, which was not on  a Sunday. Christ's resurrection is the hope of every Christian that submits to the Bible teachings of Christ, but the greater responsibility and accountability of every Christian is submitting to what is commanded to be kept and observed, rather than what is not commanded, and thought to be religious, pious, spiritual, and the will of Christ, but not based on His Word.

        Christ said He would be in the grave 3 days and 3 nights, Matthew 12:40. Professed Christians believe maybe 1 1/2 days, late Friday to Sunday morning. The Bible says Christ would be cut off in the midst of the week (Wednesday), Daniel 9:27. Professed Christians teach at the end of the week on a Friday was the death of Christ. The apostle Paul said, "Keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread," I Cor. 5:8. Professed Christians keep an un-commanded Easter, and really know little or nothing about God's commanded Feast of Unleavened Bread. Christ commanded a foot washing service, with the keeping of the Passover service. Professed believers of today's Christianity do not keep the Passover, much less a commanded foot washing service, John 13:14-16.

      Both Christ and Paul kept the 7th Day Sabbath (Saturday) and said, "Keep the commandments," Mark 6:2, Acts 17:2, Mat. 19:17. Professed Christians keep the 1st day (Sunday), and claim Christ did away with keeping of the Law, and of course without them quoting any Scripture backing up their erroneous teaching. God commanded the keeping of His Holy Days, Leviticus 23: 1-44. Professed Christians forget them, and instead, keep the world's pagan holidays. Christ said, "Don't eat unclean meats," Lev. 11 and Deut. 14. Professed Christians today lust for, covet unclean food and will eat anything that moves, squirms, squeals and crawls, and then wonder why all the sicknesses, and why they are not healed. Christ said, "Don't add or take away from His Word," Duet. 4:2, Deut. 12:32, and Revelation 22:18. Today's professed Christianity adds and takes away from God's Word without any shame or guilt.

        Professed Christians add and take away from His Word at any season or occasion, to justify not keeping God's commands. Christ said, "Repent and obey His Ten Commandments, and accept His Sacrifice given  to save their life." Professed Christians say, "Forget repentance, don't explain it to mean keeping God's Ten Commandments, and preach all one has to do, is accept the Name of Christ, and rely on their preached grace, which is a grace to sin, Jude 4, Mat. 7:22-23. Whatever Christ and His Word says do, the professed Christian world does the opposite, and are still rejecting, betraying and denying Christ. The  same Jesus Christ who says, "If you love Him, keep His commandments, John 14:15, also says, He is the giver of Eternal Salvation, to them that obey Him," Hebrews 5:9.

        Any professed Christian who keeps Easter, another, "false christ, holiday," and is not remembering and observing Christ's Passover, at His set-aside season and day, as well as all the principles  and commandments mentioned above, is involved in the biggest religious cult and sect of all religious deception. Unless one overcomes this deception, and comes out of it (Rev. 18:4-5), he will have to suffer the plagues which The Book of Revelation speaks about that are coming on this world. These deceived people will not be able to call on Christ and His Passover to protect them, and cause the plagues to "pass over" them in the soon coming tribulation and the wrathful Day of Christ, Hebrews 10:28-31, John 12:48, because He-Jesus Christ, is not living in them and does not know them, because Christ is the same today as He was yesterday, and   because of His Word and their sins, He will not save or protect them, Mat. 25:12, Rev. 3:19-20.

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