Does God command and require of His church a tithe to be set aside to do His great, spiritual work, and  to help the widow and the fatherless and the poor of His church? If God has commanded a tithe of one's salary, or increase, does He command a 10%, 20%, or 30% tithe? If God commands 20% or 30%, why does He misname it and call it a tithe, meaning a tenth? Yes, but many will say but the Bible speaks of tithes, more than one. God says bring to Him the tithe of the corn (grain) the tithe of wine, the tithe of the oil and honey, the tithe of the livestock. The tithe from each one of these products were referred to as tithes in the plural from  all of these products, but still consisted only of a tenth of all their increase and no where in His Word is the tithe referred to more than one tenth. The words 1st, 2nd or 3rd tithe, or another tithe, or additional tithe cannot be found in God's teaching  and command to His church.

        The tithing command and teaching of God in all of today's Christianity, and Churches of God has been, and is today a classic example of man adding to and deminishing from the Word of God, which God commands man not to do. It reads in Deut. 12:32, "What thing soever I command you" observe and do it: you shall not add thereto, nor diminish from it." When man adds or diminishes from God's commandments, then they become man's commandments and not God's commandments, which are commandments Jesus warns His disciples to beware of in religious leaders' teaching, Mat 15:9.

         Some of the ministers of the churches teach in circles by going around and around, like a dog chasing his tail! They will say one thing in one sentence, and in another sentence, teach against what they have first written. They will  teach that tithing may be right and Biblical, and even quote a Scripture or two to support it, and then turn right around in the next breath of sentence  and say, "But God does not require it!" In their circle of teaching on tithing, they will teach it is a Christian's duty and responsibility to support the preaching of the Gospel, but then turn around and say that the church should not feel  they are commanded  and required by God to do so, by a God commanded tenth, or tithe. They teach that God gives us no Scriptural proof of  such a command  nor does His Word confirm that He has given such a command. They will then go up one better on God and teach that a free will offering is the way to give, which they teach supersedes and is better than God's way of His commanded tithe and special offerings. God says very plainly in His Word when you follow such a false teaching you are stealing from Him by not setting aside His commanded tithe and offerings!

       This is a classic example of church ministers bearing the fruit of one of the trees of the two ways of life that God set before man in the beginning. The forbidden tree permits   gives these ministers, as the god of their life and church, the right to choose good and evil as set by their own standard. This is the tree that they have chosen to live by in their life, and they are influencing others to do the same.When one lives by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he becomes the god of his own life to choose what percentage of his salary should he give to God's work, and for helping the less fortunate, not God's 10% tithe, plus offering, which God has commanded. This is all part of the fruit of their tree choice of life God forbid them to partake of which permits them  to compromise the tithing commandment and His other commandments. Whenever a ministry, or church, diminishes or adds to God's Word, he is showing to all the church what tree he is eating and living from in his life.

       Some of the teachers and ministers know for a fact, that God in His Word does command tithing. But, they likewise diminish from God's Word by teaching that God meant for the law of tithing to be required only for that special people of that day and its not for today, or  they teach tithing is only for farmers with their agricultural and livestock products, and was not meant to be a tithing command from money from other work and services of today's society. Their teaching thereby makes God a respecter of persons with His law and commandments concerning tithing. Of course this is nothing new in the ministry, because some of their high-ranking ministers  for years have been practicing this lie, sin, and deception about God being a respecter of persons concerning His law. They believe they are above the law, by believing the law and commandments of God was not for them in their sins of adultery, fornication, breaking and profaning the Sabbath, idolatry-man worship, hating their fellow minister, and not tithing by their picking  and choosing the commandments they will keep, and that the law was meant to be obeyed only by the lowly sheep. God is not mocked. Everyone will be judged for his own commandment breaking in the judgment. You can write it down.

        The producing of food products from farming has always been the foundation profession of life, even though church people and today's society have become  almost totally detached from agriculture and livestock farming.  Most seem to believe food is grown in a food super market. Everyone, unless they are of the starving nations, still depends heavly upon this profession by eating 2 or 3 meals a day from products from the farm. So then why would God not use this foundational and basic profession, which provides the basic necessity for life, as the example to teach and explain about His tithing commandment for all services and works of increase? Really, aren't ministers and members alike, with all their "religious  and college  gained knowledge" trying to find a loophole so they can feel guilt-free by not tithing on their work and services, and still believe they are living by God's tree of life, Mat. 3:10 --"And now also he axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which brings not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire."

          Certain other ministers go so far in their teaching of deception about God's commanded law on tithing that they teach that God does not require His church to tithe, and that it is not a sin to not tithe, because as they say, "there  is no Scriptural proof in all of God's Word that God commands tithing." WOW!!! If there is no  command for tithing with all that God says in His Word about tithing, then there is no command to do or not to do anything man chooses to do. These ministers precede to begin with Abraham, where God has not yet written out the law on tithing in His Word, and continue through the Bible, to the letter written to the Hebrews, with their words and  comments of subtlily and lies, trying to refute, disprove and openly reject God's  clear, plain Word about His command to tithe. This is a clear cut example of heretical teaching that diminishes from God's Word and displays  without any question, which tree they are eating from and that is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which God says will result in death.

           In these ministers' research on the subject of tithing, they did come to see plainly that it is not in God's Word to require from the church a 2nd and 3rd tithe, but in their research and proving, they end up throwing the baby (commanded tithe) out with the dirty bath water (added tithes), by saying God does not command any tithing! This is clearly an example of diminishing from God's Word and demands a penalty for such teaching.Then you have on the other hand, ministers and church organizations that have been teaching a deceptive 2nd and 3rd tithe requirement for many years. This is  a clear cut example of adding to God's Word, resulting in the evil deed of oppressing the poor of the church.

      These ministers, through this sinful teaching, have created the foundation for their church ministry, and this ministry creation was not by God's spirit but a ministry that was founded on man's commands of added extra tithes. These extra tithe commands exacts hard worked for money from the sheep to support their ministry, their family, and their perverted work of preaching a perverted gospel, and all of this is put upon the poor sheep of the church to work, provide, and to support them and their sacred cow taught belief system. All of this provides for their lavish living much above the lowly sheep living and lifestyle. This is nothing less than what the Pharisees was doing in Christ's day of adding to the law of God, and everyone should know what Christ said to them in Mat.23:32 "You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?

Scriptural Proof That God Commands Tithing

         God plainly and clearly says in in Lev. 27: 30-32, "All the tithe of the land, seed of the land, or fruit of the trees is the Lord's and is holy  unto the Lord"(to be set aside for Him and His work).  Is this Scripture proof that God commands tithing? God says again in Deut. 12:11, "Then there shall be a place which the Lord your God shall choose to cause His Name to dwell there: there shall you bring all that I command you: your burnt offerings, and your sacrifices, your tithes, and the heave offering of your land, and all your choice vows which you vow unto the Lord." In Deut. 26: 12-13, God says again that after a person tithes all his increase the third year and has given it to all that God commands it to be given, that you have obeyed His commandments, and have not transgressed them. Is this more Scripture proof that tithing is the commandment of God. This teaches that it is a sin if you don't tithe. Here God states His will and His law by His Word, that if a person has tithed all from his increase, he has not sinned, transgressed God's law.  

        God reaffirms His   tithing commandment by saying to the Levites and the whole nation that they have robbed (stolen) from God by not setting aside His tithes and offerings, Mal.3:8--"Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me. But you say Wherein have we robbed you (by teaching there is no scriptural proof that tithing is a law? You have robbed me in tithes and offerings. You are cursed with  a curse: for you have robbed me, even this whole nation.This sinful act not only breaks God's tithing commandment but it also breaks God's 8th commandment-- "You shall not steal." Is this further scriptural proof that God commands tithing?  In the new testament what did Jesus Christ say about tithing in Mat 23:23--Did He reaffirm His tithing command by saying tithing was not to left undone, meaning the tithing commandment was to be kept, obeyed. Is this further new testament proof that God still commands tithing?

         Yes, but many will argue Paul and the other apostles never brought up the word tithing in their wiritngs. The only one that did was the writer of the letter to the Hebrews but he did not put his name to that letter. Why? And why didn't the other writers  not bring up the word tithing in all of their writings? Wasn't it because tithing to the Levitical priesthood was still going on and there was a work in the temple still going on and for any one to  bring up the word tithe to try to redirect those Levitical priesthood tithes to the now new testament ministers and priest would be words of war against those servants. The most they would say was offering, or power to eat and drink, or don't muzzle the ox that threads out the corn, or shouldn't we who sows spiritual things also reap your carnal things, I Cor. 9:4-11. That situation then is much like the situation in the churches of God today when person bring up that a second and a third tithe is the creation of the ministry and not of God's Word is tanamount to war and great persecution.

    This third year is not for setting aside another tithe that is taught and that is holy, such as an added third tithe, but the tithe from all that had not shown an increase and products in the first and second years,  such as from  cattle, from fruit trees, and even  from some herbs or vegetables after being planted, which some plants, trees, and animals take 2 to 3 years before they really start producing. It takes a baby heifer calf 2 to 3 years before there is an increase from its life and production. It takes some plants 2 to 3 years before they start producing. It takes fruit trees 3 years before they start producing.This 3rd year is the agricultural increase and progressive growth of farming and cattle raising, and would simply mean more tithe, that the tenth would be more that year and would be holy to God, and to be set aside for the purposes that God commands them to used for the third year.

       These extra tithes in addition to be given to the Levite the 3rd year, were also to be distributed to the widow, fatherless, and the stranger in order to help them and strengthen them along in their life. These were tithes from agricultural and livestock production, wine, honey, fruit from their trees, oil, and everything that comes from the land. In today's society in man's work after starting at his job he usually gets a raise in pay every year or so and should likewise remember the church widow in need, the fatherless of the church, and the poor of the church with his  increased tithe rather than sending it to some church organization with a ministry than has been created by brethren's money given to them as a God uncommanded tithe. There was only one tithe and that tithe was to collected at the feast of each season and to eat of it before God at that feast except the third year and it was to stay within the gates of the people.

        God's command was for the Israelites to bring all of their tithes from each of their farming products to the feast and to eat and rejoice before Him to learn to fear Him and to learn not to fear man and his commandments. This was not a additional 2nd tithe but the only tithe and they were to gather and take it to the feast and eat of it before the Lord and they were not forget the Levite, meaning the rest of the portion of the tithe was to go to the Levite as his inheritance.

        Everything man produces through work and causes to bring about increase, comes from the land or the earth, and is sold or traded  for money as a medium of exchange. The Israelites in some cases traded their tithe of agricultural products for money and took the money to the feast to trade back for whatever their soul desired, and the remaining tithe money went to the Levites as God had commanded. God said all the tithe was to go to the Levites after it was brought to the place and God chose to place His name, whereas, part of it, the only tithe, was used to eat and enjoy in the presence of God at God's Feasts, in the presence of God, the rest was to left to the Levites. After all, God said of the whole nation of Israel, if they obeyed His voice, and kept His covenant, that they were to be a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. Even though most all of the Israelites didn't obey God, they still became an example and a witness in failure, to all the world and written down for our instruction and admonition. Study I Cor. 10:1-12. Are the churches of God today being witnesses in failure by not obeying God's true commandments?

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